How to verify Android apps

More and more people are relying on Android tablets for work, hence cybercriminals are creating counterfeit apps that impersonate popular apps and try to misguide users. Today, there are reportedly over 2,000 fake apps on Google Play Store. The apps usually collect users’ sensitive data or infect devices with malware, which could lead to financial losses or identity theft. The problem is, even a tech-savvy user may struggle to identify these apps.

So, how can people protect themselves and make sure that their tablet is running only safe applications?

Downloading from a trusted source

Downloading an app from well-known and legitimate sources like Google Play Store, Samsung, or Amazon used to be a good security measure since these sites are routinely monitored and scanned for fraudulent apps. But reports of fake apps plaguing these sites have led users to reevaluate their downloading habits. Recently, Android fans were warned about six malware-filled apps on Google Play Store that have been downloaded 90 million times. One of those apps is “Followkade,” a fake Instagram likes-and-followers-boosting app, which had over 50,000 installs and a 4.0 rating from almost 7,000 reviewers.

Taking more vigilant measures

There are several effective ways you can take to make sure your tablet is not vulnerable to fake applications:

  • Before downloading from a trusted source, read the small print and reviews about the application. This will help protect yourself from security risks.
  • Enable or disable the security settings of your tablet as you see fit. The Android operating system (OS) comes with built-in features that will help detect or prevent any threats. If activated or configured properly, the OS will alert users when there is abnormal behavior from the apps installed on the device.
  • Update your software. Some users may find this an inconvenience and forego updates when they come in. But patches from these updates can fix bugs or vulnerabilities, which can thwart cyberattacks.

Use third-party antivirus software

Because the market for tablets is growing, more and more companies are offering antivirus solutions. Although there are free but effective legitimate antivirus software programs, the better option is to purchase from well-established companies to get maximum protection.

Third-party antivirus software may come with monthly or yearly subscriptions, as well as different premium rates for different types of security measures. But do consider the benefits versus the cost before you make any purchase.

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