Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Automatic backups and comprehensive plans to protect everything you’ve worked for

Quickly restore your data and operations no matter what or when disaster strikes

To be in business is to rely on people, devices, and data. But natural disasters, cyberattacks, and other events are increasingly common. These unpredictable threats can wipe out mission-critical data and damage equipment, delaying or even preventing you from returning to business. That’s why you need reliable disaster recovery solutions that protect your assets, operations, and the future of your business.
Executive Computing has been protecting SMBs’ data and operations for years with comprehensive backups and business continuity plans. We do more than just copy your data — we create easily restorable backups of your entire infrastructure in a secure, off-site data center. You’ll always be able to access your networks, systems, and files from any location on any device. And with our swift disaster recovery plans, you’ll be back to work within minutes of a downtime event.

Our contingency plans keep your business growing and customers confident with:

Greater Productivity

Recovery times of minutes, not hours or days

Improved Compliance Standing

State-of-the-art protections and customizable retention policies

Hassle-Free Solutions

Fully managed solutions and automatic backups so you don’t have to lift a finger

Peace of Mind

You and your clients can rest easy, thanks to our multilayered security and encryptions

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Let us protect your IT assets with:

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